Kiki Perez

“BNI has been a pivotal platform for my business and personal growth. I’ve developed great relationships with members of our chapter that share the same viewpoint as myself. When you get to engage with awesome people and give as much as you gain, then it makes it so rewarding to be a part of BNI.”

Madison Pyburn

“BNI has proven to be an invaluable resource in my life. Not only is my networking growing every week, but the financial benefit of increased business revenue keeps my business growing steadily. Being in real estate, I’ve tried all the marketing options! BNI is single handedly the best return on investment for any marketing or networking program I’ve tried.”

Rob Swain

“I’m a new member. I’m only beginning to scratch the surface, but it’s been a great experience so far, with TONS of mentoring and wisdom available from other entrepreneurs in BNI, and I’m really grateful and humbled and excited about connecting with others in the area!”