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Our goal is to attract exceptional performers and to give them the training, tools, and resources to be highly-successful. BNI is an entirely unique organization with a strong culture, a growing global footprint, and unlimited opportunities for expansion. We expect every team member to give the very best of their talent, energy and creativity to the organization. We are confident that the organization will give you a tremendous amount in return and that you’ll find your role both personally and professionally fulfilling. This is the essence of Givers Gain®.

We’re Looking for Leaders

What’s next for you in your leadership journey? Are you a past President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, or Leadership Team Member? Our BNI CORE Regions are growing fast and that means we’re looking for leaders like you to join our Team for Chapter Launch and Support.

Interested in applying? Please email your resume and cover letter to

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Leadership Team Position Descriptions

President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Membership Committee, Visitor Hosts (Open and Closers), Education Coordinator, Mentor Coordinator


Director Job Descriptions

Regional Director, Managing Director, Area Director, Support Director, Managing Launch Director, Launch Director