Growing Your Network

The smartest and fastest way to grow your network is to identify and invite the top business professionals
missing from your Contact Sphere. Here are some helpful tools to help you find your long-term referral partners.


Growing your network is critical to your success in BNI. Inviting visitors on a frequent basis builds your network and creates new referral opportunities to new contacts who could give you repeat business for years to come.


Once you set a goal of how much revenue you’d like to get from your BNI membership, it’s time to look at your Contact Sphere and see who’s missing. Who are the people you can invite to bring you a steady stream of referrals? Once you’ve made that list, you’re ready to invite potential long-term business partners.


Why We Invite Visitors

Inviting Visitors for the Speaker


Contact Sphere Eight in Six

Successful Networking for Introverts

Communicating with Various Personality Types

Sample Invitation Letter

Inviting Visitors to a Meeting

Growing Your Network